Change of date for May Sobe class & info on upcoming workshop.

‘In an age of information, ignorance is a choice’. 

~ Dr Joe Dispenza ~

Beautiful Beings, this 1 day workshop is coming up soon.

Sat 11 May 11-6PM in the BEAUTIFUL setting of Sli Na Bande. 
Newtownmountkennedy. Eircode A63DD78

It’s not ALL about dancing and wearing yourself out. It’s a little work, looking at the issues in our tissues, showing up for ourselves EXACTLY as we are, making space within, creating new opportunities in our outer world, letting go of the OLD, inviting in the NEW, alongside beautiful human beings, just like YOU, whilst PLAYING & RESTING.

In this practice we begin to learn to listen to our physical bodies, what is it trying to tell us, BEFORE pain arrives on the loud speaker, or allowing the pain that has our attention, to speak to us now that it has our FULL attention.
To name just one of the benefits. The knock on effect of this practice is out of this world.

Your investment, the willingness to show up exactly as you are, €65 waged, €55 concessions for Elders, Students, Low waged, & Unwaged.

Come & Be Moved. Shift happens… 

Try watching with a straight face. I just Love it. Xx*

Summer News is in the post…

Sherron Xx*

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