Watch this Spaceman…

Dancing Beings… Now that I am settled here in Greystones after the mammoth move… I have been hanging out with the Rhythm of Stillness for the FIRST time… and LOVING IT!

In this space, many things are becoming clear, now that I can let things settle. One of which is that I am letting go of my 5Rhythms Fridays class for 2016…
I was never really happy with this day, it being the end of the week and all, and though the new space in St Patrick’s is cosy, the floor is too hard and cold.
SO instead of going with what’s available or what’s left, I will wait till I am happy with the venue & the day of my choice! I’m thinking if I am happy, my dancers will be also.

So universe I’m looking for a wooden sprung floor, a good size, not too small or too big, easy to heat, empty, good lighting, good acoustics, in Greystones, affordable, cosy, free parking… Have I forgotten anything?

SO watch this SPACEMAN… Until something turns up, I’ll be in Slí Na Bandé MarleneffrenchMullen, Newtownmountkennedy for the odd Sunday morning.

Please pass it on. Thank you in advance. Namaste. Xx*


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