Gabrielle Roth: 5Rhythms Wisdom

Though I only met Gabrielle once, she left a lasting impression on me…

Through her teachings of the 5Rhythms map, I am able to meet her again and again through the teachers she taught, and the process.

What I take from this practice is that it is ok to be me, warts and all. That when I am having difficulties on a physical, mental, emotional level, I have somewhere to go, a place where I can take my pain, through movement and dance, I can turn it all  art, where shift happens

“There is no way to think one thing, feel another, act out a third, and be in integrity.

We have been raised to to be dishonest emotionally and physically, our heads left to carry the weight, to figure out not what we feel but how can we mask whatever it is we feel. Not what we want to do but how not to let this desire show.

No wonder we are so dazed and confused and feel so disconnected.

Integrity is not being right or good, but being real.”
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