5Rhythms Sobe Sunday Monthly

Dates to be confirmed on the other side of 'Covid 19'

Upcoming Events

March & April dates postponed for now, hopefully back for July, where I shall add new dates after Nov.

5 Stand-alone-residential workshops or sign up for the series

It’s hard to put in words what happens during Sherron’s workshop.

She creates such a caring and safe space where your whole BEing is welcomed, where you can meet with yourself in atmosphere of total allowing

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POST Spring Equinox Newsletter

FINALLY, gettting my POST Spring Equinox Newsletter out.Too much time spent messing with Soundcloud, Mixcloud and on a confused cloud. I was trying to learn the tricks of condensing my newsletter, next time perhaps, missed too much of the Good weather already. Anyway, it contains news of Practicing The Art of Being Bored, 5Rhythms 5 On … Continue reading POST Spring Equinox Newsletter

The Art of Being Bored.

Practice The ART of Being Bored. In between all of the opportunities mentioned in Mind The Gap, practice with yourselves and family, moments of doing NOTHING. It’s easier said than done to do NO THING. I remember practicing this when I had 2 teenagers, a toddler and a baby, I was constantly tired, hassled, angry … Continue reading The Art of Being Bored.

Mind the Gap

This is an opportunity to rest, recover, mind our own business, get our houses in order, and bodies in better shape, focussing more on the inside. Come together as a family. Garden, home cooking, play games, switch off devices, make new connections with ourselves and families, meditate, massage ourselves or each other, make love, be … Continue reading Mind the Gap

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