5Rhythms Weekend Workshops & Silent Outdoor Dancing Sessions

North Beach / Burnaby Park / Kindlestown Park, Greystones

Upcoming Weekend Workshops

No.s limited, due to Government Guidelines.

Booking essential as no.s are limited to maintain safety.

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5Rhythms Silent Session, Kindlestown Park
5Rhythms® Movement Meditation as a Resource
Sherron On Rhythm As A Dancer
Dance Check, South Beach Pavilion



The workshop was powerful but at the same time gentle and safe and I am still finding nuggets of gold within me that are letting me know who I am and what I should be doing.


The 5 Rhythms workshop with Sherron St Clair was a really enriching experience. Sherron is an excellent facilitator and you get the feeling that she really cares about the well being of every participant in the workshop

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